about-us-additional-101During a missionary visit in 2005, Kay Whiteley, the New Life Foundation India founder, was deeply moved by the number of orphaned or abandoned children living in desperate conditions on the streets of Patna, India.

Upon sharing her experiences with the congregation of St John’s Church, Owlerton, and latterly Taunton Vineyard Church, fundraising started in earnest and the story of the New Life Foundation India began.

Working in partnership with the New Life Church Ministries based in Patna, money was raised initially to purchase a temporary housing structure in nearby Assam, which provided shelter for 40 orphaned children.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, land has now been purchased in rural Kathikund on which the New Life Academy has been built. The school currently educates 250 children who are orphaned/abandoned and its excellent reputation has also attracted fee paying children from local villages.

Our fundraising efforts are now concentrated on providing a loving home and education for the children in our care.

We are also supporting the construction of permanent living accommodation for the 90 children who are currently living on site, with a desire to house many more once the home is fully built.

Our Vision

about-us-additional-102Many of the children who come to us in desperation have no one to love and care for them. Some of the children have been abused or abandoned as their family cannot afford to look after them due to illness or poverty.

All are in need of a safe, loving Christian home and an education to help them escape poverty and develop into self-sufficient, fulfilled adults.

Our vision is to empower each child in our care to reach their full potential by equipping them with essential life skills and a knowledge of God’s love for them.